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The New York City Business Travel Association (NYCBTA), an official chapter of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), provides an important forum for the exchange of information, education and ideas among its members, who include representatives from local corporations and leading travel industry suppliers. Our emphasis is to work together to better understand new and emerging travel management practices.

NYCBTA is committed to enhancing the travel profession by sponsoring educational and informational programs for its members, and by providing top-rated speakers to address travel-related issues, concerns and current "hot topic" items.

Our chapter is an excellent venue for the sharing of travel-related information and professional expertise, and is an organization focused on perfecting the science of business travel management.

Letter from the President - 1/13/2015 


Happy New Year and welcome back from what I hope was a wonderful and rested holiday season.


2015 ushers in a slight changing of the guards as the new board takes on its official role within the chapter.  You will notice some familiar faces from the previous board that have once again volunteered their time to serve. Full of ideas and energy, we are eager to get started and get you all engaged in what has been planned for this year.


Before we get started, it is only fitting to pay tribute to the previous board.  Where would we be today if it weren’t for the stalwart and sound leadership of Eric Norberg.  Eric’s insights, patience and tremendous hard work over the past years have been invaluable to the chapter.  Under Eric’s leadership, we worked through chapter integration and unification, he has and continues to be inspirational and a mentor of mine.


Also leaving us is Lasse Leskinen, who served as our Vice President. We thank Lasse for the support he offered and always bringing a fresh new perspective to the table.  Many time, he served as my “go to vent” person and for that, I trust he won’t write a tell-all book.


We would also like to thank Edith Cabrera for her tremendous effort in leading the Membership Chair.  It is certainly not an easy undertaking as you all may attest to.  We are one of the biggest markets for Corporate Buyers, yet we lack their participation.  We struggle with what is needed to attract these new members and hope that a robust meeting agenda for 2015 will entice them to attend. I also encourage you as members to get these non-member buyers involved. The strength of our organization depends on our membership and a robust membership makes a stronger organization.


So, what’s on tap for 2015?  We have already planned 90% of our agenda for 2015 and will be sharing the dates well in advance so that you can plan accordingly; so we hope to see you at many if not all of them.  We are planning our normal meetings, (luncheons and breakfast), along with an Education day and the ever so popular After Darks. 


In the planning process, we are always very mindful of cost, both to the chapter for hosting events and the cost that are passed back to the attendees.  We are committed to keeping these costs as they have been in the past and the only way to do so is to be very aggressive when it comes to sponsorships.  That said, we will embark on a campaign to bolster our sponsorship drive and ask all our members to help us in this endeavor.  We are revamping the cost and ROI for sponsorship allowing different payment levels, etc.; more on this to come from our Sponsorship Committee.


At this point, we have not talked much about a Tradeshow and there is a reason for that.  You see, over the last few years, the Tradeshow has been an economic burden on the chapter. In fact, we’ve been in the red, which is disheartening since it was our largest and only major fundraising effort.  Attendance has dwindled over time and vendors aren’t seeing an ROI.  We are going to take a step back from it this year and rethink how best to proceed.  We ask for feedback and ideas from our membership.  One idea that has been offered up is to have a silent auction in collaboration with our Education Day.


The new board is looking forward to 2015.  We hope to engage and be engaging.  It is a fresh new start, let’s embrace this new year with new ideas and new visions; together we can make a difference and strive forward.


Stephen Gheerow