We are faced with some sobering realities that affect us all.  Too often we hear about the tragedies of loss of life brought about by random shooting events.  I often wonder what would I do, or how would I react faced with an active shooter scenario?  I live in a big city; work in a midtown building which is used as a convening/meeting center, what is the plan? 

When I travel to meetings out of NYC, I hope and wonder if the hotels I am staying at have a plan.  Do all their staff know what that plan is?  Is it one person and the actual plan is locked up in a file cabinet?  What about the conference center?

When not at work and I am out shopping or at a restaurant or just walking the streets, how do I safe guard myself?  I try not to think too much as it would interfere with my normal daily activity.  However, if faced in an active shooter situation, I want to know how to best survive.

This month, the chapter has arranged a session that will be led by Louis Rapoli, who will present “Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Environment”.  Please join us for a very informative discussion, on February 19th.  Space is limited and no-walks in allowed, so register as soon as possible.

As always, we are seeking sponsorships for 2016 and will be reaching out to our partners for their support.  It is mainly through our sponsorship funds that we are able to provide great learning and networking opportunities.  If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact our Sponsorship Chair at sponsorship@nycbta.org

We hope to see you on February 19th.